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Esther J♥y ([personal profile] modernelegance) wrote on March 30th, 2011 at 07:15 pm
Jane Eyre Intro Post

I am so excited to begin this Jane Eyre read-a-long! I have long been a fan of the story but I have not ever read this compelling and mysterious novel for myself. (I grew up with the Joan Fontaine version on repeat in my household.) I am so thankful that you all are helping me be accountable in doing this with me. I love discussion so you have no idea how much this means to me.

I hope that all of those participating in the reading portion have a copy of the book. If you do not have a physical copy here are a few places where it is available at no charge:

  • Jane Eyre for Kindle
  • Project Gutenberg has different formats available to read Jane Eyre. (HTML, Epub, Plain Text, etc.)

    You can check a copy out from your local library or if you desire to purchase an inexpensive copy, you may want to look at used book stores or thrift stores.

    The Reading/Discussion Schedule will span across 5 weeks. You have the full freedom to read ahead if you desire, this schedule is mostly to keep the discussion at a good pace. :) Also if you are currently reading Jane Eyre do not feel any pressure to wait for us to catch up. I am sure you will remember plenty once the discussions come around. :)

    Week One: Chapters 1-10
    Week Two: Chapters 11-17
    Week Three: Chapters 18-24
    Week Four: Chapters 25-30
    Week Five: Chapters 31-38

    I will have the Week One discussion posted next Thursday.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

    Happy Reading!
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