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Esther J♥y ([personal profile] modernelegance) wrote on December 5th, 2010 at 07:17 pm

So while I have a few moments I am testing out the LJ app. It isn't as and as I expected it to be!

Tonight is the last night of small group which makes me sad...because when I had nothing going for me and essentially no hope they were a big part in why I kept pressing on. It is hard leaving people you consider your spiritual family. We are doing a white elephant gift exchange which should be interesting.

I don't think my gift would be considered a white elephant to some, but it is a Holly Hobby vase with a quote about friendship and a little painting with bejeweled flowers and a quote. It was given to me by a girl who NEVER had good taste in gift giving for me and when I got it for Christmas one year I had no idea How she came to the conclusion that I would like those things. Yes they are "Girly cute" but that is not me decor wise. So thank goodness for White elephant!

I also finished a scarf for my friend Zach. I don't like the cast off since it is CONSIDERABLY tighter, but not matter what I tried the tension would not quit being tight. So now instead of a line it is more of a curve...

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