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Esther J♥y ([personal profile] modernelegance) wrote on October 2nd, 2010 at 10:42 am
Costume Chronicles - September/October 2010

You can download our latest issue at:
Costume ChroniclesCharity's Place

It was a brutal age in which Romans ruled much of the civilized world and Cleopatra caused a sensation. Discover the secrets of Alexandria within these pages, as our talented writers carry you from the pages of scripture to the distant civilizations of Greece and Persia. From Caesar to Xerxes, this issue is full of ancient fashions, historical figures, and gorgeous period dramas.

- 3 Great Loves of the Trojan War
- Cleopatra
- The Cost of Freedom (300)
- Ben Hur, a Life So Changed
- The Myth, the Legend, & the Truth of Pontius Pilate
- Courageous Faith (One Night With the King)
- Cleopatra & Modern Culture
- The Influence of the Greeks
- The Elysium Fields of Gladiator
- Just a Bit of Banter (Prince of Persia)
- Marc Antony, the Conflicted Rock Star of Rome
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